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Extensive experience in all area of storage tanks design backed by sophisticated computerized programs enabled our engineers to develop Tank Design System for all kinds of Storage Tanks.

This in-house developed software is used for applications such as basic design, detail design, bill of materials and fabrication drawings including auto nesting program (cutting plan).
These automatically generated drawings are subjected to widest array of cross-checks to ensure zero defect resulting in high efficiency and accuracy in engineering and ease of construction.

STE offers international-grade engineering and management services with integrated engineering concepts, supported by state-of-the-art computer hardware and software facilities operating in a fully networked environment. This Tank Design System enables us to meet customer requirements such as high quality and cost saving.

The strength of tank for the earthquake and wind shall be carefully analyzed by computer and also the tank shall be manufactured enough to endure all the stress.


All the elements, floating roof and seal device, had been standardized on the basis of plentiful experience and technology. The standardized tank will be satisfied in strength and maintenance.

The thorough control of the welding we will use high-tension steel plate and reliable welding procedure control for large sized tank.