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- Single Containment
- Double Containment
- Full Containment
Max. Capacity / Unit
- 240,000m3 (1,500,000BBL)

STE provides every scope of services in the construction of storage tanks and handling facilities for low-temperature liquefied substances such as LNG, LPG, Ethylene, Ammonia, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Etc. (Low temperature ranging from -4 ”Ęc to -196”Ęc)
Above-ground double-shell metallic tanks
These tanks are of flat bottom, double shell, cylindrical type, with outer shell of carbon steel and inner shell of low temperature service steel or of aluminum. Based on designs thoroughly studied for every aspect of assured prevention, the tanks are further as the highest security with the strict quality control enforced throughout all stages of manufacture and construction.

Above-ground double shell tanks with suspended deck
The outer shell is replaced by the high safety dike which is provided with a roof . Any leakage from the inner shell will be prevented from reaching the environment. Concrete is resistant to corrosion, and ensures long service life, while dispensing with paint coating Adaption of prestressed concrete with further enhance earthquake-resistance.

Above-ground triple shell tanks with concrete outer shell and double metallic inner shell
Independent primary inner tank inside the secondary inner tank provides for additional safety by containing all leakage from the primary tank within the secondary inner shell.